12th - 13th of July 2019
Võsu Music Days & Võsu Jazz

As a tradition – Võsu Jazz again takes place on the second weekend of July at Estonia’s most beautiful beach village Võsu. This year we have combined our forces with Võsu Music Days happening on the 12th of July. On the 13th of July Võsu Jazz invites You to the most beautiful gardens of Võsu to enjoy the magical music of Jazz.

On Saturday the yards welcome you to Võsu Jazz concerts – guests can enjoy high class musicians, good food and the magical atmosphere of Võsu. Being one of the busiest vacation destination of North Estonia, Võsu is a perfect location for such an gourmet festival as Võsu Jazz.

All concerts on both days are free entrance!

Time schedule

12th of July

Võsu Music Days

18.00-18.30 | Ukulele, Mere 27

Äge Brass

19.00-20.00 | Võsu Jazz pealava, Tiigi 7

Kunda Linnaorkester

20.00-21.00 | Võsu Jazz pealava, Tiigi 7

Opening of the festivali!
 Getter Jaani feat. Rakvere Linnaorkester

23.00-... | Ukulele


13th of July

Võsu Jazz 2019

14.00-14.30 | Jaanioja 2

Jason Hunter & Ara Yaralyan

15.30-16.00 | Ukulele

Maarja Aarma & Janno Trump Quartet

17.00-17.30 | Mere 69

Jason Hunter & Ara Yaralyan

18.30-19.00 | Mereresto, Mere 38

Maarja Aarma & Janno Trump Quartet

20.00-21.00 | Vambola 11

Aare Saal (Rahvusooper Estonia) – Georg Ots Tribute

21.30-22.30 | Võsu Jazz main stage, Tiigi 7

Peter Asplund with Rickard Malmsten Trio

23.00-00.00 | Võsu Jazz main stage, Tiigi 7

Sharón Clark (USA)

00.00-... | Ukulele



Getter Jaani Rakvere Linnaorkester

12th of July 20.00

Sharón Clark

13th of July

Peter Asplund

13th of July 21.30

Maarja Aarma

13th of July 15.30


Thank You!