Become a Patron of Võsu Jazz!

Võsu Jazz has no ticket and no sponsors – we are operating 100% thanks to our supporters! We promise to carefully consider every decision we do and how we use the financial support from our patrons.

As a tradition – Võsu Jazz again takes place on the second weekend of July at Estonias most beautiful beach village Võsu. This year we have combined our forces with Võsu Music Days happening on the 13th of July. On the 14th of July Võsu Jazz invites You to the most beautiful gardens of Võsu to enjoy the magical music of Jazz.

By supporting the festival You can help us restore the village swing!

Together we can do something that honors estonian customs and is a fun exprience for all ages! Võsu Jazz gives back to the community by investing 2€ from every 5€, 5€ from 25€, 50€ from 100€ supported. Every 100€ supporter name (if agreed) will be engraved on the swing metal plate. New swing costs about 1700€ with transport and installation – together we can achieve this goal so we could have a new swing before the end of summer!